Sunday, July 20, 2014

The history of Reef Tiger

In 1898, the Swiss Confederation was born, and the automatic watches manufacturing industry was still in the ascendant. Stephane Reef, who loved the technique of horologes, started to work in watches-setting and found his own factory in Geneva. By virtue of the remarkable technique and fashionable and beautiful appearance design, Stephane Reef and his factory soon become very popular.

In 1911, Leandro Tiger, descendant of earls in Britain decided to go to Geneva and visit Stephane Reef by himself for admiring his excellent watches making technique. Later they became good friends because of the same interset and found a watches making factory Reef Tiger, which used their own names, mainly offering watches of high quality to the common people. Then the road of success began.

A real terrible winter for Swiss watches came in 1965, because the first quartz watch was successfully created in Japan. Actually, with our eyes now, that was really a tough and grieved period. Quartz watches were cheap, precise and produced very fast. Lots of watches factories got seriously hit and went bankrupt, only very few luxury brands left including Reef Tiger. It also got a heavy blow, becoming an OEM for some famous watches brand. There were only 15 thousand people left in this industry of automatic watches manufacturing.

However, it’s not the whole story. In 2005, the descendant of Stephane Reef held a family meeting in their hometown Bodensee of Kanton st. Gallen and determined to rehabilitate their family. They regrouped their factories and made watches Reef Tiger, obeying their ancestors’ wishes. It’s the new born of Reef Tiger, which really suffered and went through a lot. 

Through 10 years’ development from 2005 to 2014, Reef Tiger has become a famous wrist watch brand and built some good reputation among numerous watch lovers with its excellent technology, delicate technique and original design. In detail, there are total six series watches including Love, Seattle, Black Shark, Classico, Coco Rose, and Artist. They are all of good quality, excellent performance, precise working with advanced fine movement and appealing appearance. All in all, with so many good traits of Reef Tiger watches, no wonder it can develops so fast and become popular soon.
Automatic wrist watches of Reef Tiger perfectly reflects the designers’ creation, originality and seriousness. Fine types are offering for election, you can choose white shell with white dial, white shell with black dial, white shell with blue dial, gold shell with white dial, and gold shell with black dial. 

Wearing brand watches is not only giving you the stronger sense of time, but also a symbol of status and social position. Therefore, to select a brand watch is of great importance. And Reef Tiger will never let you down by virtue of exquisite technique and original design.

No matter how time flies, Reef Tiger will always maintain its remarkable technology, keep getting progress and make great achievement.


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